Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)


Traveler Response Architecture using Novel Signaling for Network Efficiency in Transportation (TRANSNET)
Deadline: 1st Comments Deadline – 12/15/14; Concept Papers – 12/22/14, 5:00 pm ET both dates
Award Size: $250,000 – $5M
Summary: The Traveler Response Architecture using Novel Signaling for Network Efficiency in Transportation (TRANSNET) program seeks solutions that minimize energy consumption in America’s surface transportation network through the use of network control mechanisms that operate through personalized signals directed at individual travelers. To date, technologies directed at transportation have focused primarily on the diversification of energy supplies (e.g., the production of alternative liquid fuels and electrification) or on improvements in vehicle fuel efficiency (e.g., combustion efficiency, weight reduction, and aerodynamic design). The TRANSNET program takes an alternative, complementary approach through the development of technologies that target both the factors that drive energy consumption and the overall energy efficiency of personal transportation, without changing the mechanical efficiency of each mode (car, bus, train, etc.) within the network.
Publication Date: 11/10/14

Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)


Buildings University Innovators & Leaders Development (BUILD) – 2015
Deadline: Concept Paper – 12/19/14, 5:00 pm ET; Full Application – 2/11/15, 5:00 pm ET; Info Webinar – 11/19/14
Award Size: Up to $200,000
Summary: The BUILD FOA is planned as an annual release that seeks to improve the competitiveness of American universities to conduct building energy efficiency R&D, develop strong industrial partnerships and improve manufacturing education. This FOA makes available competitive, 2-year cooperative agreements for USA-based university teams to research and develop innovative building energy efficiency technologies. Teams of engineering and business students will develop and work toward commercializing building energy-efficient technologies or approaches. Teams may develop a technology (hardware), software, or a manufacturing process with direct application to residential, multi-family and/or commercial buildings in the USA, with significant primary energy savings potential.
Publication Date: 11/12/14

Building America Industry Partnerships for High Performance Housing Innovation
Deadline: Concept Paper – 12/12/14, 5:00 pm ET; Full Application – 2/4/15, 5:00 pm ET; Info Webinar – 11/17/14
Award Size: $1M – $4M
Summary: The FOA seeks to develop technologies, techniques, and tools for making buildings more energy efficient, productive, and affordable. BTO’s strategic goal is to significantly improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings to reduce national energy demand and allow the nation to work toward greater energy independence and a cleaner environment. Selected teams will conduct applied Research and Development (R&D) in real world houses, develop and implement solutions to three inter-related core technical challenges which are necessary to meet the program goals for both new and existing homes. Core technical challenges include: A) high performance, low risk building envelope assemblies and systems to achieve low heating and cooling loads; B) optimal comfort systems (HVAC and distribution) for low-load homes; and C) high performance ventilation systems and indoor air quality strategies for low-load homes.
Publication Date: 11/12/14

Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement FY 2015 Vehicle Technologies Office Incubator
Type of Grant Notice: Notice of Intent
Release Date: On or about December 2014
Summary: This FOA supports DOE’s VTO which develops and deploys efficient and environmentally friendly highway transportation technologies that will enable America to use less petroleum. These technologies will provide Americans with greater freedom of mobility and energy security, while lowering costs and reducing impacts on the environment. The Vehicle Technologies Incubator FOA will fund small (less than 500 employee) businesses and U.S. colleges, universities, institutions of higher learning and university-affiliated research institutions with approaches and solutions that are not currently represented in the Office’s Multi-Year Program Plan and/or existing project portfolio in a meaningful or significant way. This is a Notice of Intent (NOI) only. EERE may issue a FOA as described herein, may issue a FOA that is significantly different than the FOA described herein, or EERE may not issue a FOA at all.
Publication Date: 11/14/14

Health & Human Services

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)


Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment and Ambulatory Surgical Center Payment Systems and Quality Reporting Programs; Physician-Owned Hospitals: Data Sources for Expansion Exception; Physician Certification of Inpatient Hospital Services; Medicare Advantage Organizations and Part D Sponsors: CMS-Identified Overpayments Associated with Submitted Payment Data
Type of Rules: Final Rule with Comments
Deadline: Effective – 1/1/15; Comments – 12/30/14, 5:00 pm ET
Summary: This final rule with comment period revises the Medicare hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS) and the Medicare ambulatory surgical center (ASC) payment system for CY 2015 to implement applicable statutory requirements and changes arising from our continuing experience with these systems. In this final rule with comment period, we describe the changes to the amounts and factors used to determine the payment rates for Medicare services paid under the OPPS and those paid under the ASC payment system. In addition, this final rule with comment period updates and refines the requirements for the Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) Program and the ASC Quality Reporting (ASCQR) Program.
Publication Date: 11/10/14

Medicare Program; Revisions to Payment Policies Under the Physician Fee Schedule, Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule, Access to Identifiable Data for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Models & Other Revisions to Part B for CY 2015
Type of Notice: Final Rule with Comments
Deadline: Comments – 12/30/14, 5:00 pm; Effective – 1/1/15
Summary: This major final rule with comment period addresses changes to the physician fee schedule, and other Medicare Part B payment policies to ensure that our payment systems are updated to reflect changes in medical practice and the relative value of services, as well as changes in the statute.
Publication Date: 11/13/14

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)


Rural Assistance Center for ORHP Cooperative Agreement
Deadline: 1/9/15
Award Size: $2.1M
Summary: The purpose of this program is to serve as a gateway to information on rural health for residents in rural areas of the United States and for all others interested in the issue.
Publication Date: 11/14/14

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health


FY14 Minority Youth Violence Prevention: Integrating Public Health and Community Policing Approaches 
Deadline: 11/14/14, 5:00 pm ET
Award Size: $300,000 – $400,000
Summary: OMH, in partnership with the COPS Office, is supporting a national initiative to integrate public health and violence prevention approaches. OMH is seeking applications from organizations that can serve as demonstration sites for addressing both the disparities in access to public health and the elevated risk of violence and crime that exists in many of our nation’s most distressed neighborhoods. The MYVP intends to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating public health and community policing approaches to reduce disparities in access to public health services and violent crimes and improve the health and wellbeing of communities of color. This demonstration program requires a coordinated strategy and multi-partner approach. Applications to the MYVP must be comprised of collaborative partnerships, which, at a minimum, include one public health agency and one law enforcement agency; one of which may be the lead applicant. Applicants should demonstrate a partnership among disciplines, and include public health, law enforcement, and other criminal justice/public safety stakeholders, and organizations that specifically provide minority youth violence prevention services (e.g. community policing programs, juvenile services and the courts).
Publication Date: 11/14/14


National Park Service (NPS)


Final Environmental Impact Statement for Cottonwood Cove and Katherine Landing Development Concept Plans, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona and Nevada
Type of Notice: Availability
Deadline: Execute Date is 30 days from publication.
Summary: NPA announces availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Cottonwood Cove and Katherine Landing Development Concept Plans, Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The document describes and analyzes three alternatives. Alternative 1 – No action alternative; Alternative 2 – Implement Previous Planning Proposals; and Alternative 3 – Enhance Visitor Experience and Park Operations (agency-preferred alternative). The Final EIS also analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the alternatives.
Publication Date: 11/13/14

National Endowment for the Humanities


Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Organizations
Deadline: 1/14/15
Award Size: Plan. – $40,000 – $75,000; Implement. – Up to $400,000
Summary: Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Organizations grants provide support for museums, libraries, historic places, and other organizations that produce public programs in the humanities. Two types of grants will be funded under this Program: Planning and Implementation. Planning grants support the early stages of project development, including consultation with scholars, refinement of humanities themes, preliminary design, testing, and audience evaluation. Implementation grants support final scholarly research and consultation, design development, production, and installation of a project for presentation to the public.
Publication Date: 11/13/14

National Science Foundation


Algorithms in the Field
Deadline: 2/9/15, 5:00 pm local time
Award Size: Exploratory – Up to $400,000; Full Size – Up to $800,000
Summary: Algorithms in the Field encourages closer collaboration between two groups of researchers: (i) theoretical computer science researchers, who focus on the design and analysis of provably efficient and provably accurate algorithms for various computational models; and (ii) applied researchers including a combination of systems and domain experts (very broadly construed including but not limited to researchers in computer architecture, programming languages and systems, computer networks, cyber-physical systems, cyber-human systems, machine learning, database and data analytics, etc.) who focus on the particular design constraints of applications and/or computing devices.
Publication Date: 11/12/14

Earth Sciences: Instrumentation and Facilities
Deadline: Any time, 5:00 pm local time
Award Size: Up to $750,000 or $1M, depending on topic
Summary: The Instrumentation and Facilities Program in the Division of Earth Sciences (EAR/IF) supports meritorious requests for infrastructure that promotes research and education in areas supported by the Division (see EAR/IF will consider proposals for: Acquisition or Upgrade of Research Equipment; Development of New Instrumentation, Techniques or Software; Support of National or Regional Multi-User Facilities; Support for Early Career Investigators.
Publication Date: 11/12/14

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Miscellaneous Corrections
Type of Rule: Final Rule
Effective: 12/10/14
Summary: NRC is amending its regulations to make miscellaneous corrections. These changes include updating the address for the NRC’s Public Document Room (PDR), updating a footnote, correcting mathematical errors, correcting references, correcting typographical and grammatical errors, and revising language for clarity and consistency. This final rule also makes changes to the time period by which a Federal agency must refer a debt for collection through offset, and makes conforming changes to the regulations to reflect the transfer of Mississippi to NRC Region IV. Also included within this Rule are changes to PART 63—DISPOSAL OF HIGH-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTES IN A GEOLOGIC REPOSITORY AT YUCCA MOUNTAIN, NEVADA.
Publication Date: 11/10/14